Nov 21, 2009

MuAL, PeninG dAn MunTaH

urgh..bau ubat gegat is a no-no
ape2 bau bwg dan menumis pon no-no gak
bau lipas? lagila urgh..n da smell is strongest at tingkt 7 city square
really, bau pupcon wyg tu ade mix ngn bau lipas skit2

ape2 yg fevret dlu skan nk pndg pon pk 2kali..apetah lg bau..
lemak cili api udang, butter prwn, rendang n.smbilan
nandos, kfc, fish n chip secret recipe
macademia white choc..
argh sume tammo dh skang
lunchtime je pinink nk makn pe..
kalo kate tamo mkn nanti kene bebel ngn ofismates
bek makan je walopun muke cm nk pg perang

but i ges feelink all dis is worth it bile nmpak da baby bump grow
makin lame makin uncit (cmpor ngn uncit yg sedia hade)
n wif knowin dat later, btambh lg sorg teman idop
xboring lg bile dear hubby gi kije
i cnt imagine wats gona hapen later..
i nevr had da experience taking care of babies
i wnder if i cn b a gud mom like my mama
who cn provide love, gr8 fud, warmth, feelink of security n stil b fun at da same time

Nov 10, 2009

KnaPe PeMpuAn SkE waT sALaH mCm Tu?

lately, listenink to my single frens stories makes me thankful dat iv oready met my mr.Right and got married. But it also got me thinking, one day if i have a daughter, how shud i guide n teach her to avoid da no-no guys so she doesn't gets hurt like my frens did? da datink games wil surely b more jungle-like durink her time, judgink frm wat my frens r complainink or cryink about now..

if i hv a son il tel him not to promise or give hope to any girls except for da one he wants to spend his life with

if i hv a daughter i gues il tel her not to biliv anytink a guy ever said, ever. n not to gv him her heart yet. not until he takes her to his mum n talks all da time boud marriage n asked to meet us, her parents. ok, dis is too much..i knw. sigh..

i got dis fren, who wakes her bf up evry single mornink, readialink n redialink to wake him up for clas. who in turn treats her like a sumtimes gf-sumtimes not. at times he acts sweet n caring towards her, and at times hes jez too busy to call n forget all bout her. they'v been wif each otha for years, n wen i asked her if he evr talked bout marriage, she said dey did but it was alwiz jez talk, n he wud joke boud it, "mayb in six years time..", "mayb kalo awk msk pinang sy..", "kalo ade jodoh ade."..all those kind of talk..

wenever she complained to me n my otha frens boud him, i made no point to hide da fact dat i dun like her guy. if he realy cared, he wud hv made it a point to at least listen to her wen shes upset, rite?

i mean, dis is one of da no-no guys..i wnder y sum gurls failed to see dis.


i hv a list in my head on how to spot a No-No:

#1. dey dun care much boud ur feeling

sumtimes bfs wud do things dat hurt u, be it words or actions. But i tink its easy on how to diffrentiate on whther he realy did care boud u or not. If he really cared he wud work n go out of his way to apologize n have u put da tink behind u, until ur really ok, no matter how long it took to comfort u. Da NO-NOs wil probably throw in a few words (lies) to comfort u, n afta his patience is up, he wud jez ask a bit on whether ur ok or not n jez end da call, wif alasan such as he's tired n othas.

#2. dey don't appreciate much

like my fren's stories above, she wakes him up evriday without fail, beink realy caring. but wen she calls to tel him boud her bad day, her call doesn't get picked up, and afta he did pick up, he cuts her short sayink thers anotha call comink in and he'l call back later, TWICE. wic takes us bck to #1, he din realy care boud her feelinks.

#3. dey use, "kalau ada jodoh, adelah."

dis is wat a NO-NO usually says if sudenly want to get serious n talk boud marriage. it means dey'r not sure yet on wat/who dey want. but dey'r not lettink u go jez yet coz if dey din hapen to find wat/who dey want, dey hv u to fall back on. cruel rite? so, pls eliminate da NO-NOs n make it a better world for evryone.

#4. dey don't really coo, boo n cuddle you like otha couples did

sumtimes dey did say syg, cyg, and acts all carink n gooey-eyed, but its only sumtimes. likes he does it only wen hes in da mud, or like he has an on-off switch for it.

#5. he didn't realy claim dat hes taken

dis is a bit hard to spot coz u wudn't knw wat he does behind u. but sumtimes u can spot if he eyes ur pretty gurlfrens, or if u sudenly looked into his phone n find smses dat r a bit flirtyish.

#6. he doesn't like u going thru his hp or wallet

but dis might b kinda hard to realy see coz dey can jez clear their inboxes n wallets.

i hv a lot more in my head but i cant remember dem now. dis is da result of da list dat iv made wif my gfs and sis (a bit;p)..


most of da gurls who r stuck wif these NO-NOs r usually too afraid to jez angkat kaki n leave da guy. probably coz they'r scared of making a mistake or wateva, but seriesly gurls shud hv more pride in themselves. dey need to tink of themselves as 'mahal', den guys won't step on them. of coz we shud b lembut n understanding as gurls, but i dun tink jez letting da bfs get their way all da time is lembut and understanding, its jez plain stupid.

Oct 18, 2009

NicE moNdaY oWait..

dis is da worst day iv had afta da longest time..
wher cud my cat b? i hate dis..bukan senank nk jage die dr kecik n train her n make her feel like len senank2 je dtg n curik..shes my fren ol dis while im ere in jb far apart frm frens n femly..n wen dzuri goes to work. n she owiz come sit by my side wen im sad ovr sumtink

shes my marriage present :(
n she waits me at da gate evry single day wen i cm home frm work
i hope shes not stolen..
she cant lose her way..cats r too smart to do dat
i hate dis wonderink n waitink..

if shes stolen..den whoevr u are, mmg hati awk tu penuh ngn taik
curik la puas2..mmg pencurik org yg palink patot kene hukum skali dunie akherat
nyusahkn org je

Oct 9, 2009

MiSsinG HomE 'n' LiL BusY Bee

its early mornink saturday n i kinda wish im at my parents' house rite now..i knw dat im ol grown up, married even, but i stil gets homsik. i miss waking up to good bfast smells, n waking up to find dat evryone had woken up n had busied themselvs, gone to pasar, watchin tv or arguing heh

most of all i guess i jez mis my mama
n my daddy
n adik
i pray dat one day we'l ol get to work n liveclose to each otha
i pray dat ol dis travelink araun wil b temporary
i gues wen i first settled ere i cud go bck anytime i want
wenevr i feel down
but its not so easy wen ur not single anymore
thers a lot of otha things dat needs to b thot of
ur not da only one makin decisions


i oso know v well dat ol dis soppy emotions is bcoz of lil' busy bee inside
v tiny but oready racking a lot of mischief ;p
i nevr knew dat i cud get soo hungry n sad n happy at da same time
jez writink boud it made me happier now
i ges il jez focus on u now to get my homsik thots outta my mind

Sep 4, 2009

MarAh niH..

wen ppl tel u to stop contacting..u stop contacting
wats so hard wif dat?

jez wen i stopped feelink pissed n feel guilty boud beink pissed at you
n start hoping for da besh for u
u hafta come bck into da picture
by textink and emailink..wish bufdey la, kunvo la, mimpi la
taske la mcm nih
y cnt u jez go :(

Aug 29, 2009

GuD REsTauRanTs..BaD ResTauRantS..

my fav wil stil has to be TGI Fridays. jb branch, da curve branch..anywher it has nvr fail to excite me n offer super duper yummy fuds n gr8 service, alwiz. its my husband's favret too. da cheddar cheese mashed potatoes are OTT otey

n we love da nachos n buffy wings as well, n da steak, n da mocha mudpie..da list goes on

las month, we tried chilis for a change at midval. but wat we experienced made us vow not to evr go bck ther. wel, at least not to dat particular chilis branch.

i went wif my sister n hubby. so we ordered 3 drinks altogether. i ordered da refillable fruit juice (of coz in da intention to refill as many times as i like, and sharink it wif hubby n sis too)..who wud order refillable drinks jez to drink all of it on their own? but as i ask for a 3rd refill, the shift supervisor came up to our table. A stocky, mid-30s indian lady. She said, quite a matter-of-factly,

"do you knw dat if u order this drink, you can't give it to da others to drink too. it is okay for u to refill, but i just want to explain how da refill drink works (i knw how it works, obviously). it is written ther in da menu."

my face got tight n i said, "ok, but i am refilling for myself. can you pls refill it for me?"

"wow, you sure drink a lot." (n she mutters a few otha things to make it sound friendly but i forgot)

it doesn't matter. i already hate dat lady n midval chilis. dey shudnt do dat to a customer. we wil only spread bad words boud dem. i mean come on, tgi hv refills n we can only order 1 drink for two. dey wil nvr care. nandos have those bottomless drinks n once me n my friends ordered 1 drink to share for 4 (zaman budget dulu2), n dey never say anything. wer not da only ones, evrybody is doink da same. dats da thing dat brings ppl back

n to make it worse, all da while i refilled n drink afta dat (hubby n sis not darink to sip anymore), i noticed lady boss' eyes glancing our table frm time to time, checking if we shared. how uncomfortable n annoyink. dat realy is one stupid restaurant, i telya..we r never comink back. Ever.

Aug 28, 2009

To Go FoR a TrY oR nOT?

as a result of all da boring days we'v spent for almost 2months now, my friends r talkin boud gettink a new job elsewher..sumwher we can actualy learn sumtink n put our brain to use..

i like wher i am now..i mean my office, no-pressure working enviromnt, no rushes n clammy hands for meetings, no stomach-knotting presentations..its difrent frm my previous job, wic is wat i alwiz wanted

but also, i am learnink not much frm ther, n da boredom is killing mama said to try gov. i want to, but im afraid il get posted sumwher far like my fren, Shikin..i want to b close to my husband n femly at all time..yikess

StaGnaNT mOdE AnD PuaSa

office has been dead borink lately..ther is no work at all
all i did was sit in front of da pc doink nothink da whole day

i read in RD dat if we sit without using our brain for a long period of time, da brain wil slowly afraid of dat, so i picked up reading
in dis past 2weeks iv finished readink 3 novels
ironic rite? its not evn my favret pastime-thing to do

ramadhan is ere again
dis time araun i cant help tinkin of my femly
how i missed them teribbly
n how i realize wat my femly is to me
dey'r my life, i wonder how dey'r doing wifoud me hoggink all da food over ther

n eachtime ramadhan id alwiz felt a lil guilty to a couple of ppl
who iv hurt unintentionally durink ramadhan many years ago
dey'l nvr read dis but if dey do, i knw dey must knw dat its dem
sorry..ther must b somethink evn better in store for you
its jez a matter of time
it is all written to go dis way..for wat i knw, u both deserve da v best
bcoz ur da nicest of ppl, really
ther i got it off my chest heh

selamat menyambut ramadhan to all, and soon raya! ;)

Aug 1, 2009


Once me n my roomate Suzie made a pact,
it was durink early Uni days wen we babbled boud our future
i rmember it all v clearly..she asked me, how do we knw dat da guy we'r dating is our true love? da one we'r supposed to marry?

afta few exchange of facts n thots on how to knw he's da ONE, i came up wif dis idea, my resolution. i said to her dat my idea is illogical n fairytale-ish. She said she'd go along wif it anyway.

So i told her dat we wud each pick a Magic song, a secret song dat nobody cn knw about. N later as we go on wif our lives, if we come across any guy who cn guess our Magic songs, on wateva situation watsoever, dat is our Mr. Right, our da ONE.

my song was 'Savage Grden - I knew I Loved u'. i jez pickd it out of da blu, it wasn't evn dat popular at da time, in 2003. i heard it during sekolah menengh years ago. i cnt rmember wat Suzie's song was.

So, time passed n we din tink much of our silly, 'Magic' pact. At da time i was jez friends wif my husbnd, who'd courted me since day 1 at orientation, i knw he liked me but i told him i jez wantd to stay frens. During da years we became super close frens ot TTM id call it. teman tapi mesra.

One night, like any otha night, we were gabbing away on da fon n he asked me on who/wat kinda guy i'd like to marry one day. I told him boud me n Suzie's magic pact. He laughed n chidded me boud it. He said dat it was a stupid pact n made fun of it.

"main2 je..bukan serious pon", i said.
He poked fun evn more, n den smirked ovr da fon, "lagu ko ape? ni?" n started to sing da Savage Garden song, my 'Magic' song in a realy silly, mocking tone.

i rmember my reaction was a gasp,bulatkan mata n den blurted in an excited, unbelievable rush, dat dat was THE song. He got silent. n We din't talk for a few second. N den i rmember him saying,


n ther was a series of events afta dat wher i pressed him ovr n ovr again on how he knew wat my 'Magic' song were, whether did he ask Suzie. He said nope, it was a genuine guess. He said he din evn try to guess. To me, it truly is our Magic song, my all-time favret magical moment ;)

Jul 18, 2009

ReAD Dis BouD MicHaEL JAcKSoN..

Michael Jackson (MJ) was known as the most loving person in the world. He gave up most of his assets for charity and all his life, he fought for equality of the African Americans, AIDS victims, Against Drug Abuse, Against Abortion, Against Child Labor and secretly channelled his properties for the hungry children of the world. However, he wasn't peace at heart. He always think of himself as a child trapped inside a man's body. Being Peter Pan is all his dream, never to grow up, forever a child. That inspires him to build Neverland - a heaven for children. Children of all ages and races are welcomed to Neverland. MJ had so much love to give.

However, he made a mistake which he didn't know of the consequences. He saw the peaceful life his brother, Jermaine (Muhammad Abdul Aziz) had as a Muslim - true, Jermaine faced so much pressure that he moved to
Bahrain .

In 1989, MJ made a press conference which shocked the world, "I have seen the Islam in the life of my brother, I have read the books about Islam. And I'd love to someday feel the calmness and peace of Islam...."

Since that, MJ's life was never the same again.
He was accused of so many accusations against child molestation. MJ was not someone who can deal with much pressure as he is a 'delicate child'. All the extortion and black mail followed after that. Everything he did was being seen as wrong in the eyes of the Media. All these are to influence his fans to hate MJ. If he is hated, then he would not be influencial anymore.

For several years, he stayed in
England . Getting motivation from a long time friend, Cat Stevens, who had converted into Islam - named Yusuf Islam. From him, MJ learnt how Yusuf had survived being Muslim. He made friends with a song writer, Zain Bhikha too, who wrote a song titled, "GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH", which he wanted MJ to sing whenever he is ready.

Following his trial, MJ withdrew to
Bahrain , where he was the special guest of sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain 's king. It was then that Michael began to give conversion more "serious thought."
MJ stayed in
Bahrain for approximately 3 years. He studied Islam, the prayers and learn to read the Koran (al-Quran).

Finally, he came back to
Los Angeles and in November 2008 MJ had formally converted to Islam in a ceremony at a close friend's house in Los Angeles .
He perform Haj with the King of
Bahrain and son on December 2008.

He had a hidden agenda when he wanted to make a final comeback. He annouced in a press conference on March 2009, "This will be my final concert. I'll see you all in July...."

He planned that during his concert, he would announce that this is the FINAL concert as he wouldn't be performing anymore. He will declare that he is a Muslim and will only sing with Yusuf Islam and Friends.
At the end of the concert, he will be singing the song, "GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH" with Yusuf Islam. That is the reason why he chose
London as his final concert venue instead of the USA . It was because he thought he could escape the USA 's extortion, and that he could perform with yusuf Islam who is in England .

At 12.30am, 25th June 2009, he hugged his production manager and said, "After reherasing for 2 months, I am finally ready for the concert..."
Before leaving to sleep, he waved his dancers, "It was a good night everyone. I'll see you all tomorrow..."
The next thing... He was pronouced dead at 2.26am....

When 911 was called, there are so much questions asked. It is as if they didn't know who MJ is and where he lived. The questions asked are more towards to delay time.
The hospital said the autopsy result can only be obtained after 2 months - very illogical as even the worst African technology could obtain the result in less than 2 weeks.

MJ's family members opt for second private autopsy as they started to feel something fishy is going on. The result came out in about 4 days - MJ was drugged with high dosage of anaesthetic - drug that brings about a reversible loss of consciousness, if used to much could stop the heart from beating.

Another result which was not aired in the media was, MJ's stomach is empty of this drug, but his blood were filled with it - same case as the death of Marilyn Monroe.
The private doctors also found many needle marks, afraid to be forced injections given to MJ on his bed.

In CNN Live after a week, Barack Obama was interviewed. And he said, "I love MJ, I grew up listening to his songs. It is a great loss, but rest assured that there is no conspiracy in his death..."
Now, why must a President made such statement before the official autopsy result came out? How would he know that there is no conspiracy without the post-mortem result? Seems like someone is afraid of his shadows.

MJ was known to the world as a person who is against drug abuse. Why must he be addicted to drug, then? If he wanted to commit suicide, why rehearse for his concert? And why will he want to see his dancers the next day?

Enough about his death. I am sure people around the world is not stupid anymore. These supreme power can fool us during the Marilyn Monroe conspiracy, Martin Luther King and Princess Diana. But in this MJ's case, they left too many loopholes for those who think...!!

MJ left us with this unfinished studio-recorded song, GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH. You can download this song here:

MJ's family was about to give him a Muslim burial with the help of The Brotherhood of Islam. But, the CIA showed up at Neverland's door - blackmailed them that if they do so publicly, Katherine (MJ's mother) would be pull off from MJ's 3 children's custody as well as MJ's estates. Instead, they'll hire Debbie Rowe for the purpose, and the court will be in their favour. So much for democracy and fairness...

Finally, they agreed to let MJ have a Muslim Burial in Neverland. But in condition, must show to the public a Christian Memorial Service, as to prove to the world that MJ was never a Muslim.

So, Staples Centre was just a normal show. That's why the coffin was closed and sealed.

MJ was buried days earlier. The Gold Coffin was empty. They were about to bury the Coffin according to Christianity ways in
Hollywood - as in their deal with the USA Government.

These happened, because the
USA is afraid of the rising numbers of Muslims in the world.


knw wat? iv written a post in my frenster blog boud princess diana a long time ago boud wat my thots wer ekceli behind her death reasons..n i strongly believe dat da sm reason goes for michael jackson..dat their deaths r wats written is da writinks above..wic i got frm an email..

da fact dat he converted his faith wer not aired on cnn or nbc or wateva is also sumtink..penipu media nih..or mebe not penipu..dey jez show us wat dey wanna show..not evritink..not da whol story..

Jul 12, 2009


im desperately in need of mor time now..mor holidays..mor wikens

i truly hate da felink dat wen i get bck frm work at 6pm each n dzuri wil eat togetha n chat boud our day n sudenly its 11pm n oready time to sleep..repeat da whole cycle again n wait impatiently for friday to come


bt i ges dats wat evryone hc to go thru too..da only way i cn buy mor time 4 myself is by becomink a teacher..or start my own bisnes..nk brenti kije doit tade plak+i cn imagine da boredom..

Jun 28, 2009


i opened yahoo today n found dis..

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner : 5 Signs Couple Will Crash 'n' Burn :-

1. Bride refuses to let da groom choose da cake.
2. Da groom lets his mom call da shots.
3. Da bride blows half da budget on her dress.
4. Da bride freaks over da groom's bachelor party (err..who wudn't?)
5. Da bride n groom fight in front of me (as in da wedding planner)

disturbing facts, i found dis..heh..but i ges sum of da above is tru..but frm wat id seen so far..most of my frens who fight ol da time wif their boifrens r da ones who last. really..n i tink its bcoz dey r so cmfortable wif each otha dat den dun keep anytink frm their partners..dey jez lash out..yeeeh

Jun 5, 2009

mY LaTesT oBseSSsiON..iMMi

IMMI is da name of my 1 1/2-year ol cat..da latest addition to da femly ;)

afta we got married, dzori got pretty busy ctchink up wif his work afta our super-long kawen holiday..n he felt bad leavink me home afta days of talkin n debatink (dzori taske kucin), he agreed to buyink me a cat to keep me company. iv owiz felt weird wifoud a cat in my home..i liked seeink dem runnink n tido bersepah araun da me it gives da haus a homely feeling :)

so off we went cat-huntink at Paws in Subang..n got dear Immi..she was jez given a bath jadik die nmpak cemerlank sket bndink wif da othas..heh..n die nmpak bek dlm cage die..

eres 8 reasons y shes da apple of our eyes (oh she managed to steal dzori's heart too;p) :-

1. shes half-persian, half-not n is a tortoiseshell breed(3color cat), n dis mix causes her to hv long fur at da neck..short fur at da bod..n long fur at da tail..wic makes her look kinda funny

2. she wakes dzori up da first-morning by walkin up da bed headboard..reaches oud her right paw..n pushes his head a few times..i saw her. kucing kwang ajar:p

3. we changed her litter to 3 different locations araun da haus in one-month, n she knws exactly wher to find it..she only pooped bersepah twice, dat is on da 1st day we brght her home..ol we hafta do to train her is walk her to her litter box one time n she'l get rite?;) mcm org

4. if she don't rmembr wher her litter box is, shed hold her poop in until we'r bck frm work or elsewher. Once me or dzori carry her up to her litter-box, shed sit immediately n do her job in frnt of us..hikss

5. shes can 'drift' wen playink tali..really..she'l jez throw herself on da floor n slide..

6. she bathed usink my body shampoo, johnson2 peach so she smelld like me

7. wen u throw a ball at her..sumtimes shed jump 3feets up da air..wif her frnt n bck paws spreadink mcm org nk bwat lompat bintang..but in a flat-horizontal position..wekeke..

8. she gives us massages n kisses wen shes hepi ;) n i really mean massages..but u hafta bear her kuku

thers ol da reason..geramm tinuk immi
later if can, i wana put her in da Cat contests n win prizes 4 her
(for me ekceli;p)
i dun hv da cam or hp cable wif me to upload her pix upload it in later;))

May 30, 2009

sO mAnY ThinGs To Do.. So LiL' TimE

beink married means beink away frm ur femly..unless ur stayink in da same state as ur parents dat is..n it gets pretty lonely at first for me..wat wif dzori workin wikens..i wnder if evryone feels da way i do..or is it jez bcoz im my parents baby evn tho im 24..heh

so to keep me busy while hes at work, my hubby (heeeh) bought me a kittie cat , which we named immi..n he bought me endless amounts of dvd..n we installed in streamyx

bt now i feel myself runnink out of time
wishink dat wikens come faster n ends slower
im on ol front paws n back runnink da haus, cat, frens n evritink else
im startink to grw fond of ol dis
havink my own time to do wateva n wenever i like
n i wndered wen later if we hv babies, i wud b super duper busier den i oready am
i wnder how mums do it
dey r special..really

May 15, 2009

MeLaKe WeDinK @ KuaLe SG. BaRu ~ 12.04.2009,.

i fel like its a bit too late to put in my wedink pics..many of my fwens r oso mor 'freshly' married den i am..heh..but nvmind, i wana put oso..

below r pix frm mlake weddink..taken by our photographer Bob..wic is my mother's fren's son..susa kn nk pk? mother was his mother's pengapit durink their mude-mudi days but dey got lost in cntct..n i managed to temukan dorg kembali wen i took Bob to b my photograpr durink my Engagement..hw cool is dat? ;)

wel okay im gona paste in sum pix now..

otey eres me in our terqois half sonket-half kbaye biase..ekceli i picked another color n dress for da melake wed..but changd it las minit coz my work colleagues said dat da blu color i choose is like our office file color, wic i hafta admit, is tru..hehe

waitink for da femly frm my side to 'berarak' not quite sure wat dey col dat in english..its seriesly hot at dat time. Me n dzori r realy not fans of hot weather. Hot weathers r not gud for our patience..hiks

my parentz n da troops arrive n we start to walk towards food..ehe..behind us r da kompangs..n behind dem is my femly..

da picture above shows our attempt to add fireworks to spice up da wedink but we forgot dat fireworks wont show clearly in daytime..heha..instead it blinds our eyes wif its debris (is dat wat u col it?) bcoz da sea-wind is kinda blowink in our direction..hiks..tekebil2 mate sumeorg

As shown clearly in da pic..dzori is da only 1 smilink while evryone else is either coverink their nose or rubbink their eyes..kekeke

my mother..i coudnt hv done it wifoud her, da person i love most in my heart. n also my daddy..sobs..sedeh plak..i rmember dem discusink evry single major n minor detail boud da pj wedink..kerot2 pale..shian ma n dad :( i realy do love dem vv much

daddy salam2 orank..ngeh..we fel mor relax durink da mlake wedink..i ges coz we'r oready married ;)

dis is dzori's mother..she only got 1/2 hour sleep da nite befor..ol to ensure da wedink goes wel..mkanan cukop..dan lain2..i cnt imagine sleepink only for 1/2 an hour..n i wonder how she gets da energy to sambot org da next day..really..mothers r da best..

n below r pics of us lazy to wait for bloger to upload ol da pix i wana put..lembap..

eres 1 jumpink n dzori wantd da wedink to b less formal n mor us..i hope jadik..i figured itl either luk super-fun or poyo to ppl..ekkee..i hope its not da latter..

but one tink for sure, we do hv tons of fun jumpink up n dwn in da rain wif our best clothes on;p

awrite dats ol for now..wil check in later to write boud our hanimun in bali..or shall i col it explorace in bali? hehe..only dzori undrstnd wat i mean;p


May 14, 2009

HoW mY fAtHeR waS RiTe BouD eVriTiNK..

im too sleepy to write ekceli..
but suddenly i feel like writink a post boud my dad n mama..whom im missink dearly since dey went to umrah las saterday..

afta dey'v went for boud almost a week now im startink to realize n rmember tinks dat dey say..nasehat, bebelan, ms kecoh2 kawen haritu..evritink. all of it jez sort of recall itself, makes me wana cry

i hv dis blindink n stubborn mindset dat if i tink sumtink is rite..den it is matter wat anyone say..

wen my daddy says dat evrytink wil change afta i get married, i jez turn a deaf ear n protested silently..but i ges now as i went thru evritink myself, slowly im stratink to realize da truth in his words. not bad things, no..jez advices..small warninks in advance..stuffz like dat..

lil lil stuffz dat makes ur remember him..
like how he warned dat leakin toilets cn cost bundle on da bil..
or how he said dat da sofa is a bit too far frm da tv
or how he urge to quickly pin da home theathre wire to da wall b4 sumbody trips

wel, i tripped on da wires yestrday
n i thot of him
n it made my cry

May 1, 2009

mY oThA SecReT..ngAhA

hiya peeps..
dis blog hv ben quite stagnant for sum time coz i ekceli hv anotha blog..heh
iv ben managink both @ da same time..
susah upenya:p
il keep on postink @ both blogS but for ol my Kawen pics im puttink in my new blog,

read on ovr ther kayh?

Apr 7, 2009

WaTs NeW?

im married..dats wats new
n its stil pretty 'like a dream' to me
a dreAm dat i wish my hardest not to wake-up from
coz its so darn blisfuLly heppi :-)

owh n it oso gives u a 'lala' feelink
i love it

Mar 17, 2009


yihaa..its my latest harta 4 now
dzori gv it..kate die..its for my pre-Wed giFt
kate die lah

tp mcm aku tatau jer sbenar die yg nak
tp diye tamo kena marah bebelanje dalam keadaan waktu gentink cem gini

biarla..yg pentink aku memank ske game2 nih
rite now im playink his game..MetaL GeaR SoliD
skan kalo kena tingal umh sorank atau lam keta sowank
i da ta keysah dah

Da LuV oF mY LiFe

its in less den a months time n kitowang meanink dzori n me la..da manyk gler kali tokar mode dah pasl nk kawen nih..hehe

excited..excited gler..penat..ta xcited..excited..excited gler lg..penat lg..pestu ta xcited..kire doit..gado..pastu excited lg..bwangan plak..mag pengantin dgan id da brape jota da beli..hehe

i ges dats how it sewiesly spit (nk ckap shit tp yg chumel sket)
doit memank kuar cm ayer nk kawen nih..n i cnt wait for da majlis n nikah n sandink..insyaAllah..
n gi jnjalan (malu nk ckap nih) pastuh nak luk back n ktawe pasl pepulunan kitowang nk wat majles masink2 ehe..bper kali temenunk da

as for my pilihan ati..
i hope we'l b sayg nyayang evr afta :) he is my besh fwen, since taun satu lg..partner g waynk pontenk clas..partner g tman basuh keta kt ayob..partner ngutuk dak2 poyo kt utm..lebeh2 lg si cinta kasot..partner blaja las minit tok xm kt library(bukn blaja pon..burak)..pestu partner sedey/malu sesame result huduh..partner rayau kt jesco dn sume mall d jb..partner luahn ati windu makayah d kmpong..partner ovenite pestu kn marh pakgad UTM..dan etc etc etc..
sayu lak

oh palink taley lope partner g funfair danga bay tiap kali de funfair
smpai ade 1 time yg i tgoleks twun dpd ride dpan sume pkcik mkcik
malu gler
akibt nyer kaki i canot bengkok kt lutot for 1 whol week n dzori kn anta susu ceklat gudday evriday ngn krim tepape nk sapu smpai i pulih..i rmember da exact ayat i told him tearfully on da fon,

"kalo aku lumpoh seb ni ko kena kawen ngn aku.."

hikshiks..budo gler kn..tepapetah:p
i jez hope sume went well as planned..n jadik cm lam lagu 'love story' yg aida-san kasik lg favret for now..heh..owkie dats ol da tataw nk nolis pe manyak noh idea..taraaaa..

niyh 1 gamba sjuros sablom grad..selit ckit:p

Feb 28, 2009

FiNaLLy..kAMi TeRiKuT-iKuT JugA..

YesHhhh..we'r now terfollow da crocKies
i used to wonder wats da fuss ol boud on dis ugly lookin shoes..
but i ges now i get it
its vvvvv cmfortable..mor or less like ur sliper jepon lah rase die
n i wear it evrytime ;-)

dZori bought me n his at Jesco Bukit Indah, Jb
situ jer hade crocs kt jb nih
kampong abis..
he bought it on Hari Kekaseh special promo
wher we got 2 fwee jibbitZ..if ur wonderink wat is it..its da small kalerful thingies u noticed on ppl's crocs
+ 2 fwee mAgiC love mugs
wher it says I LOVE U wen we put hot water in it
cool :-))

iv heard ppl talk boud 'invisible pens'
wher it only shows da words wen u put it near sumtink hot
lighter ke ape2 la..
i wnder wher i cn get 1 of'd b so cool to hv one of those

Feb 23, 2009

FoGGinK iv ben thru a small nightmarish experience
imagine waitink 4 da lift to open to carry u up to 4th floor
dats my floor btw
den da lift opens n u hopped in
u press da button '4' n waited for da lift to go up
it reaches level 4..n da door opens
But ol u cud see is thick white fog wic u thot was a wall in 1st place

huh a wall in front of da elevator door?
sjak bler?
den afta a few seconds..i thot sumtink else..
eh hantu ke??

dat was wat in my mind den..hiks i cn b pretty dumb sumtimes..
its ekceli pepel frm kmenterian kesihatan foggink away @ dem aedes insects at my apartmen
scares me 4 a sec ther:p

Feb 8, 2009

MaRriAGe JiTTerS..

is dat a bad title?
um i tink it is..ah bukn centow meanink dat i wana say pon
i cnt wait for 'my hepily evr afta':p

evr since da new year came..iv been bombarded wif da same question by my uncle n aunties..wel mebe nt da olmost if u luk at it..

"da ready ke niy nk kawen?"
"cene mental da ready?"
"awk niy btol ke da ready nk kawen??" (sum who r blunter)
"cm ta caye lak..ikot umor yela da bley..tapi cm budak2..tol ke ni?"

n i usualy responded to dat wif 'dah' n a nod n a blank face
wic got dem tinkin dat im not..
wen wat i ekceli meant was "i m ready, but my stuffs r not.."

its in less den 2 months time but i stil havent goten to submit my forms yet, buk da kadi, paspots for da honeymun later on, da kompang, my wedink cards, a bunch other stuffz..n im startink to sweat..iv nver realy ben great in da 'beink under-pressure' department..but dis is not da same like otha tinks wic i cn dodge n pass to other ppl to settle..i hafta settle dis..i need to..

i realy hope evrytink turns oud fine..insyaAllah..slamat semua..

iv ben goink thru my pic albums n found dis old pic of me n Zori..God..i do hv funny hair..dis is durink 1 of our overnite twips durink UTM days..n my hair is curly? i dun rmember it like dat..ahh bialah..

Jan 18, 2009

HaTi yG MeManK seDiaKaLa JaHaT

its ben 2 weeks since my pose mcD begun
n evn tho im kinda misink its bubor ayam n my fav aiskwim
im nt gona queue up ther to buy it
not wen evriday i go to work, il open my emails n c dat my inbox r full of dead kids
n ppl wif torn body parts
so stupid

n wat owiz goes thru my mind is dat
how can da makciks n pakciks in US see dis, n not say netink
dun lie n say u din see da pix pakciks n makciks
coz sumhow u must hv thru emails n internets
n it din touch ur hearts

tungu la nant kalo jd kt anak2 dorank
den i ges they'l knw

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station