Sep 13, 2008

wRoNk STep TaKen AT a WrOnK TimE

"Sometimes the littlest thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just can't because things have changed so much."

Sep 9, 2008


today im on mc
mc tipu ke tulen? ..u knw da answer
its amazink dis mornink how id rather stay @home alone rather than go work n socialize
ni sume sebab kene mandi pagi
now im at jusco alone (coz evryone else is workin)
n felt like kickin myself out of boredom

Sep 7, 2008

iNterNeT cOnNecTiON CuriK-CuRiK

its sunday n its sunny ;)
woke up @ 12noon today n suddenly tinkin of getink a haircut so i did
got da bob..short im back to short hair now
tak mcm orank len..i dun have sekelumit rase syg pon @ my long hair kena potonk
dunno y

today i felt like bloggink aboud LC restaurant in jb
not a restaurant pon..jez a realy nice lighted up gerai alonkside jalan tebrau
its got dis nice 'nasi serai'
wic u can get for 8 ringit
da price is lil too much for its small servink
but da fud is superb

nasi serai is nasik cooked wif serai i presumed..judgink by its difren taste
n a bit of sotonk sambal and butter prawn as side dish
thers oso a tenny weeny bit of serundink
n sayur timun
its nothink much but i like it :)

otey only dat for now. dis intenet conection is gotten @ jusco fudcourt
believe it or not i hauled my laptop ol da way to see frenster
wic is getink borink prob bcoz evryones changink to facebuk now
i duno how to use facebuk altho i d hv an account ther

okie dats ol for now..another 31/2 hours to buke pose!
heh..toodle dooo

Sep 1, 2008

StiCK To iT N LoVE iT

wel..its ben 1month oready since my big muv to johor..n we'r ol tryink to femly n me..

i mis dem a whole bunch..especialy mama n adik. heh..thers realy nothink in da world like spendink time watchink tv wif dem both ;) da laughters cud brink da roof down..

my daily routine in jb wil b like, wakin up @ 6.50am n get ready to leave for work by later or b caught dead in da jam..n arrive office late n get ol da stares frm da ppl ther..heh. n oso if im late il b addressed wif da same warnink by da receptionis..miss kim-kim

"u late 3 times ur pay wil b cut down to only half a month aa..u knw or not?"

dis ayat wil b repeated by her evn tho im oready late mor den 5 times..ges she din rmember kot..

n afta work @6 itl b bathink n puttink on my jeans n tshirts n wait for zori to finish work to go eat diner..den go home n sleep n da day wil repeat itself again tmoro..n den evry wiken il go home to kl to b wif my femly..bit tirink but it was ol worth it tel da truth..i havent realy adapted to dis whole new life
i mis my fwens in kl n old ofis
n i mis waitink for saturdays to go wait for zori to come down n jalan2 @ da curve
i realy mis it

but hey ges time moves on rite? evritink wil change sumday or later..n sumone told me once dat wen uv made a decision..uv gotta stick to it n love it

stick to it n love it
yea rite..i actualy read books now to pass ol of my sudenly excessive 'me-time'
read books..get it?
i do hope it gets betta by da days..soon

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station