Feb 28, 2009

FiNaLLy..kAMi TeRiKuT-iKuT JugA..

YesHhhh..we'r now terfollow da crocKies
i used to wonder wats da fuss ol boud on dis ugly lookin shoes..
but i ges now i get it
its vvvvv cmfortable..mor or less like ur sliper jepon lah rase die
n i wear it evrytime ;-)

dZori bought me n his at Jesco Bukit Indah, Jb
situ jer hade crocs kt jb nih
kampong abis..
he bought it on Hari Kekaseh special promo
wher we got 2 fwee jibbitZ..if ur wonderink wat is it..its da small kalerful thingies u noticed on ppl's crocs
+ 2 fwee mAgiC love mugs
wher it says I LOVE U wen we put hot water in it
cool :-))

iv heard ppl talk boud 'invisible pens'
wher it only shows da words wen u put it near sumtink hot
lighter ke ape2 la..
i wnder wher i cn get 1 of thos..it'd b so cool to hv one of those

Feb 23, 2009


okie..today iv ben thru a small nightmarish experience
imagine waitink 4 da lift to open to carry u up to 4th floor
dats my floor btw
den da lift opens n u hopped in
u press da button '4' n waited for da lift to go up
it reaches level 4..n da door opens
But ol u cud see is thick white fog wic u thot was a wall in 1st place

huh a wall in front of da elevator door?
sjak bler?
den afta a few seconds..i thot sumtink else..
eh hantu ke??

dat was wat in my mind den..hiks i cn b pretty dumb sumtimes..
its ekceli pepel frm kmenterian kesihatan foggink away @ dem aedes insects at my apartmen
scares me 4 a sec ther:p

Feb 8, 2009

MaRriAGe JiTTerS..

is dat a bad title?
um i tink it is..ah bukn centow meanink dat i wana say pon
i cnt wait for 'my hepily evr afta':p

evr since da new year came..iv been bombarded wif da same question by my uncle n aunties..wel mebe nt da same..bt olmost if u luk at it..

"da ready ke niy nk kawen?"
"cene mental da ready?"
"awk niy btol ke da ready nk kawen??" (sum who r blunter)
"cm ta caye lak..ikot umor yela da bley..tapi cm budak2..tol ke ni?"

n i usualy responded to dat wif 'dah' n a nod n a blank face
wic got dem tinkin dat im not..
wen wat i ekceli meant was "i m ready, but my stuffs r not.."

its in less den 2 months time but i stil havent goten to submit my forms yet, buk da kadi, paspots for da honeymun later on, da kompang, my wedink cards, a bunch other stuffz..n im startink to sweat..iv nver realy ben great in da 'beink under-pressure' department..but dis is not da same like otha tinks wic i cn dodge n pass to other ppl to settle..i hafta settle dis..i need to..

i realy hope evrytink turns oud fine..insyaAllah..slamat semua..

iv ben goink thru my pic albums n found dis old pic of me n Zori..God..i do hv funny hair..dis is durink 1 of our overnite twips durink UTM days..n my hair is curly? i dun rmember it like dat..ahh bialah..

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station