Jan 18, 2009

HaTi yG MeManK seDiaKaLa JaHaT

its ben 2 weeks since my pose mcD begun
n evn tho im kinda misink its bubor ayam n my fav aiskwim
im nt gona queue up ther to buy it
not wen evriday i go to work, il open my emails n c dat my inbox r full of dead kids
n ppl wif torn body parts
so stupid

n wat owiz goes thru my mind is dat
how can da makciks n pakciks in US see dis, n not say netink
dun lie n say u din see da pix pakciks n makciks
coz sumhow u must hv thru emails n internets
n it din touch ur hearts

tungu la nant kalo jd kt anak2 dorank
den i ges they'l knw

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station