May 30, 2009

sO mAnY ThinGs To Do.. So LiL' TimE

beink married means beink away frm ur femly..unless ur stayink in da same state as ur parents dat is..n it gets pretty lonely at first for me..wat wif dzori workin wikens..i wnder if evryone feels da way i do..or is it jez bcoz im my parents baby evn tho im 24..heh

so to keep me busy while hes at work, my hubby (heeeh) bought me a kittie cat , which we named immi..n he bought me endless amounts of dvd..n we installed in streamyx

bt now i feel myself runnink out of time
wishink dat wikens come faster n ends slower
im on ol front paws n back runnink da haus, cat, frens n evritink else
im startink to grw fond of ol dis
havink my own time to do wateva n wenever i like
n i wndered wen later if we hv babies, i wud b super duper busier den i oready am
i wnder how mums do it
dey r special..really

May 15, 2009

MeLaKe WeDinK @ KuaLe SG. BaRu ~ 12.04.2009,.

i fel like its a bit too late to put in my wedink pics..many of my fwens r oso mor 'freshly' married den i am..heh..but nvmind, i wana put oso..

below r pix frm mlake weddink..taken by our photographer Bob..wic is my mother's fren's son..susa kn nk pk? mother was his mother's pengapit durink their mude-mudi days but dey got lost in cntct..n i managed to temukan dorg kembali wen i took Bob to b my photograpr durink my Engagement..hw cool is dat? ;)

wel okay im gona paste in sum pix now..

otey eres me in our terqois half sonket-half kbaye biase..ekceli i picked another color n dress for da melake wed..but changd it las minit coz my work colleagues said dat da blu color i choose is like our office file color, wic i hafta admit, is tru..hehe

waitink for da femly frm my side to 'berarak' not quite sure wat dey col dat in english..its seriesly hot at dat time. Me n dzori r realy not fans of hot weather. Hot weathers r not gud for our patience..hiks

my parentz n da troops arrive n we start to walk towards food..ehe..behind us r da kompangs..n behind dem is my femly..

da picture above shows our attempt to add fireworks to spice up da wedink but we forgot dat fireworks wont show clearly in daytime..heha..instead it blinds our eyes wif its debris (is dat wat u col it?) bcoz da sea-wind is kinda blowink in our direction..hiks..tekebil2 mate sumeorg

As shown clearly in da pic..dzori is da only 1 smilink while evryone else is either coverink their nose or rubbink their eyes..kekeke

my mother..i coudnt hv done it wifoud her, da person i love most in my heart. n also my daddy..sobs..sedeh plak..i rmember dem discusink evry single major n minor detail boud da pj wedink..kerot2 pale..shian ma n dad :( i realy do love dem vv much

daddy salam2 orank..ngeh..we fel mor relax durink da mlake wedink..i ges coz we'r oready married ;)

dis is dzori's mother..she only got 1/2 hour sleep da nite befor..ol to ensure da wedink goes wel..mkanan cukop..dan lain2..i cnt imagine sleepink only for 1/2 an hour..n i wonder how she gets da energy to sambot org da next day..really..mothers r da best..

n below r pics of us lazy to wait for bloger to upload ol da pix i wana put..lembap..

eres 1 jumpink n dzori wantd da wedink to b less formal n mor us..i hope jadik..i figured itl either luk super-fun or poyo to ppl..ekkee..i hope its not da latter..

but one tink for sure, we do hv tons of fun jumpink up n dwn in da rain wif our best clothes on;p

awrite dats ol for now..wil check in later to write boud our hanimun in bali..or shall i col it explorace in bali? hehe..only dzori undrstnd wat i mean;p


May 14, 2009

HoW mY fAtHeR waS RiTe BouD eVriTiNK..

im too sleepy to write ekceli..
but suddenly i feel like writink a post boud my dad n mama..whom im missink dearly since dey went to umrah las saterday..

afta dey'v went for boud almost a week now im startink to realize n rmember tinks dat dey say..nasehat, bebelan, ms kecoh2 kawen haritu..evritink. all of it jez sort of recall itself, makes me wana cry

i hv dis blindink n stubborn mindset dat if i tink sumtink is rite..den it is matter wat anyone say..

wen my daddy says dat evrytink wil change afta i get married, i jez turn a deaf ear n protested silently..but i ges now as i went thru evritink myself, slowly im stratink to realize da truth in his words. not bad things, no..jez advices..small warninks in advance..stuffz like dat..

lil lil stuffz dat makes ur remember him..
like how he warned dat leakin toilets cn cost bundle on da bil..
or how he said dat da sofa is a bit too far frm da tv
or how he urge to quickly pin da home theathre wire to da wall b4 sumbody trips

wel, i tripped on da wires yestrday
n i thot of him
n it made my cry

May 1, 2009

mY oThA SecReT..ngAhA

hiya peeps..
dis blog hv ben quite stagnant for sum time coz i ekceli hv anotha blog..heh
iv ben managink both @ da same time..
susah upenya:p
il keep on postink @ both blogS but for ol my Kawen pics im puttink in my new blog,

read on ovr ther kayh?

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station