Aug 29, 2009

GuD REsTauRanTs..BaD ResTauRantS..

my fav wil stil has to be TGI Fridays. jb branch, da curve branch..anywher it has nvr fail to excite me n offer super duper yummy fuds n gr8 service, alwiz. its my husband's favret too. da cheddar cheese mashed potatoes are OTT otey

n we love da nachos n buffy wings as well, n da steak, n da mocha mudpie..da list goes on

las month, we tried chilis for a change at midval. but wat we experienced made us vow not to evr go bck ther. wel, at least not to dat particular chilis branch.

i went wif my sister n hubby. so we ordered 3 drinks altogether. i ordered da refillable fruit juice (of coz in da intention to refill as many times as i like, and sharink it wif hubby n sis too)..who wud order refillable drinks jez to drink all of it on their own? but as i ask for a 3rd refill, the shift supervisor came up to our table. A stocky, mid-30s indian lady. She said, quite a matter-of-factly,

"do you knw dat if u order this drink, you can't give it to da others to drink too. it is okay for u to refill, but i just want to explain how da refill drink works (i knw how it works, obviously). it is written ther in da menu."

my face got tight n i said, "ok, but i am refilling for myself. can you pls refill it for me?"

"wow, you sure drink a lot." (n she mutters a few otha things to make it sound friendly but i forgot)

it doesn't matter. i already hate dat lady n midval chilis. dey shudnt do dat to a customer. we wil only spread bad words boud dem. i mean come on, tgi hv refills n we can only order 1 drink for two. dey wil nvr care. nandos have those bottomless drinks n once me n my friends ordered 1 drink to share for 4 (zaman budget dulu2), n dey never say anything. wer not da only ones, evrybody is doink da same. dats da thing dat brings ppl back

n to make it worse, all da while i refilled n drink afta dat (hubby n sis not darink to sip anymore), i noticed lady boss' eyes glancing our table frm time to time, checking if we shared. how uncomfortable n annoyink. dat realy is one stupid restaurant, i telya..we r never comink back. Ever.

Aug 28, 2009

To Go FoR a TrY oR nOT?

as a result of all da boring days we'v spent for almost 2months now, my friends r talkin boud gettink a new job elsewher..sumwher we can actualy learn sumtink n put our brain to use..

i like wher i am now..i mean my office, no-pressure working enviromnt, no rushes n clammy hands for meetings, no stomach-knotting presentations..its difrent frm my previous job, wic is wat i alwiz wanted

but also, i am learnink not much frm ther, n da boredom is killing mama said to try gov. i want to, but im afraid il get posted sumwher far like my fren, Shikin..i want to b close to my husband n femly at all time..yikess

StaGnaNT mOdE AnD PuaSa

office has been dead borink lately..ther is no work at all
all i did was sit in front of da pc doink nothink da whole day

i read in RD dat if we sit without using our brain for a long period of time, da brain wil slowly afraid of dat, so i picked up reading
in dis past 2weeks iv finished readink 3 novels
ironic rite? its not evn my favret pastime-thing to do

ramadhan is ere again
dis time araun i cant help tinkin of my femly
how i missed them teribbly
n how i realize wat my femly is to me
dey'r my life, i wonder how dey'r doing wifoud me hoggink all da food over ther

n eachtime ramadhan id alwiz felt a lil guilty to a couple of ppl
who iv hurt unintentionally durink ramadhan many years ago
dey'l nvr read dis but if dey do, i knw dey must knw dat its dem
sorry..ther must b somethink evn better in store for you
its jez a matter of time
it is all written to go dis way..for wat i knw, u both deserve da v best
bcoz ur da nicest of ppl, really
ther i got it off my chest heh

selamat menyambut ramadhan to all, and soon raya! ;)

Aug 1, 2009


Once me n my roomate Suzie made a pact,
it was durink early Uni days wen we babbled boud our future
i rmember it all v clearly..she asked me, how do we knw dat da guy we'r dating is our true love? da one we'r supposed to marry?

afta few exchange of facts n thots on how to knw he's da ONE, i came up wif dis idea, my resolution. i said to her dat my idea is illogical n fairytale-ish. She said she'd go along wif it anyway.

So i told her dat we wud each pick a Magic song, a secret song dat nobody cn knw about. N later as we go on wif our lives, if we come across any guy who cn guess our Magic songs, on wateva situation watsoever, dat is our Mr. Right, our da ONE.

my song was 'Savage Grden - I knew I Loved u'. i jez pickd it out of da blu, it wasn't evn dat popular at da time, in 2003. i heard it during sekolah menengh years ago. i cnt rmember wat Suzie's song was.

So, time passed n we din tink much of our silly, 'Magic' pact. At da time i was jez friends wif my husbnd, who'd courted me since day 1 at orientation, i knw he liked me but i told him i jez wantd to stay frens. During da years we became super close frens ot TTM id call it. teman tapi mesra.

One night, like any otha night, we were gabbing away on da fon n he asked me on who/wat kinda guy i'd like to marry one day. I told him boud me n Suzie's magic pact. He laughed n chidded me boud it. He said dat it was a stupid pact n made fun of it.

"main2 je..bukan serious pon", i said.
He poked fun evn more, n den smirked ovr da fon, "lagu ko ape? ni?" n started to sing da Savage Garden song, my 'Magic' song in a realy silly, mocking tone.

i rmember my reaction was a gasp,bulatkan mata n den blurted in an excited, unbelievable rush, dat dat was THE song. He got silent. n We din't talk for a few second. N den i rmember him saying,


n ther was a series of events afta dat wher i pressed him ovr n ovr again on how he knew wat my 'Magic' song were, whether did he ask Suzie. He said nope, it was a genuine guess. He said he din evn try to guess. To me, it truly is our Magic song, my all-time favret magical moment ;)

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station