Jun 28, 2009


i opened yahoo today n found dis..

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner : 5 Signs Couple Will Crash 'n' Burn :-

1. Bride refuses to let da groom choose da cake.
2. Da groom lets his mom call da shots.
3. Da bride blows half da budget on her dress.
4. Da bride freaks over da groom's bachelor party (err..who wudn't?)
5. Da bride n groom fight in front of me (as in da wedding planner)

disturbing facts, i found dis..heh..but i ges sum of da above is tru..but frm wat id seen so far..most of my frens who fight ol da time wif their boifrens r da ones who last. really..n i tink its bcoz dey r so cmfortable wif each otha dat den dun keep anytink frm their partners..dey jez lash out..yeeeh

Jun 5, 2009

mY LaTesT oBseSSsiON..iMMi

IMMI is da name of my 1 1/2-year ol cat..da latest addition to da femly ;)

afta we got married, dzori got pretty busy ctchink up wif his work afta our super-long kawen holiday..n he felt bad leavink me home alone..so afta days of talkin n debatink (dzori taske kucin), he agreed to buyink me a cat to keep me company. iv owiz felt weird wifoud a cat in my home..i liked seeink dem runnink n tido bersepah araun da haus..to me it gives da haus a homely feeling :)

so off we went cat-huntink at Paws in Subang..n got dear Immi..she was jez given a bath jadik die nmpak cemerlank sket bndink wif da othas..heh..n die nmpak bek dlm cage die..

eres 8 reasons y shes da apple of our eyes (oh she managed to steal dzori's heart too;p) :-

1. shes half-persian, half-not n is a tortoiseshell breed(3color cat), n dis mix causes her to hv long fur at da neck..short fur at da bod..n long fur at da tail..wic makes her look kinda funny

2. she wakes dzori up da first-morning by walkin up da bed headboard..reaches oud her right paw..n pushes his head a few times..i saw her. kucing kwang ajar:p

3. we changed her litter to 3 different locations araun da haus in one-month, n she knws exactly wher to find it..she only pooped bersepah twice, dat is on da 1st day we brght her home..ol we hafta do to train her is walk her to her litter box one time n she'l get it..cool rite?;) mcm org

4. if she don't rmembr wher her litter box is, shed hold her poop in until we'r bck frm work or elsewher. Once me or dzori carry her up to her litter-box, shed sit immediately n do her job in frnt of us..hikss

5. shes can 'drift' wen playink tali..really..she'l jez throw herself on da floor n slide..

6. she bathed usink my body shampoo, johnson2 peach so she smelld like me

7. wen u throw a ball at her..sumtimes shed jump 3feets up da air..wif her frnt n bck paws spreadink mcm org nk bwat lompat bintang..but in a flat-horizontal position..wekeke..

8. she gives us massages n kisses wen shes hepi ;) n i really mean massages..but u hafta bear her kuku

thers ol da reason..geramm tinuk immi
later if can, i wana put her in da Cat contests n win prizes 4 her
(for me ekceli;p)
i dun hv da cam or hp cable wif me to upload her pix now..il upload it in later;))

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station