Jan 8, 2010

ComForTaBLe in SiLencE

today we went for da 4D scan at da hospital (yeah 4D not 3D..i never knew it cn go up to 4)..n we finally get to knw da sex of da bb :)

doc says he's a boi..hehe..n he looked annoyed wen we asked him so many time whether he is sure..i tink by boud da 3rd time my hubby asked, he answered flatly,

"90% sure la..bla bla..btol sure ke x, itu hanye Allah yg tau. tp Die bg kite mate..takkan yg hitam tu kite nk kata putih plak..blabla.."

hehe..lucu la doc nih. Dzuri pon satu..tanye spoloh kali. da 4d scan made it worth da wait (frm 8 to 1030am okay)..n worth da 20 trips to da restroom to pee. i jez pray dat Allah will keep my baby safe n healthy..Amin ;)

*** *** ****

Durink our wait outside da doc's office, we sat wif dis couple. judgink by their way, i ges they'r newlyweds..

boy wer dey loud..n da way dey talk was like dey were on their 4th date or sumtink. excited n cm dibuat2. i cn listen to evry single detail. pasl fesbuk la, pasl kl, name2 kwn dan ahli kuarge..i mean, dey weren't like normal married couples who talked in a hushed whisper, or nudge, or smile genuinely n share private jokes. dey looked fake. ceh pandai je..but truly, dey sounded like me on my 3rd date, hyperexcited n too bubbly.

i didn't say netink to my hubby, wonderink silently boud da couple but suddenly he cuit me wif his feet. i looked up n saw him readink da newspaper but wif a silly smile plastered on his face. i knw he's smilink boud da same thing. n once da couple went inside da doc's room, he whisper-act, repeatink wat da couple was sayink earlier. haha..org dahla tgh tahan kencing.

sumtimes i see old, married couples n wondered how dey look so well.., married n together. i ges its actualy from da way dey talk with each otha n their body language. dey talk but i dun tink dey talk all da time, n not dat animatedly. its more on their body language n gestures to each otha. membebel lovingly, or sayink hrmph..umm..yelaaa.., or fite care comel2 ke, or jez beink quiet but stil look so together. i hope sumday we wil get to dat point of romanticness (ade ke word nih:p), cm atok cine dlm pisau cukor tuh ke..heh..atok2 tue gado comel2 ke..i like how Together it looks :)

Jan 1, 2010

weLcominK 2010!

its been a slow start for da new year n kinda lonely for me..
as for my hubby beink busy wif his plant handover,
n my mama n daddy beink far away in pj,
my sis in uk..
my frens all back home in melawati n kl..

imagine welcoming new year in front of da tv,
watching tv3 n waitink for fireworks,
i wish my husband did not hv to work dat nite..sigh

but i ges all dis made me more excited for my baby's arrival mid next year (oops, dis year) and scared too, freaking scared but excited nevertheless :)

i wonder how it'l b wen da lil bumblebee arrives later on. even as for now, im feeling as if im struggling for breath to wait for the wikens to settle my stuffs, such as cleaning da house, sort my clothes n my hubby's, do da laundry, shop for groceries. I imagined it will b totally different once the baby arrives, it must b totally focused on her. or him, dat is..hehe

we'r going for da 3d scan later next week, to see whether its a him ir her :)
and i'm excited, and impatient outta my skin for dat..
evryone around me is hoping for a boy, i dunno y:p
but i dun mind if its a boy or a girl
as long as da baby's healthy :)

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station