Jul 22, 2008

MoVinK aWaY To jB

im movink away to jb in 2 weeks time n i hv 2 words for it : sadness n excitement

sadness bcoz il b leavink my mama bck ere in kl. il mis her knowink dat shes olwiz ther to laugh, cry or jez to ngadu2 ayam..n she takes care of my mamam n minum..my baju..my room..evritink..but wat im realy worried boud is leavink her ere in kl alone. i knw shes stronk n wil cope but its stil sad bcoz we'r realy2 close n i can manje2 how much i want wif her :( she realy is da besh mom in da world..its otey i gez. i pwomis to come home evry 2 weeks..i need to..

n oso im sad coz i hafta leave ol da fwens iv made ere in kl..n my old fwens too..imuts n kicikz..cikin, min, yatie, mariati n mastot ekceli..n my opis/gosips/eatink fwens kak putri n kak tasha. n da facilities genk @ ti. yuvenes n andy n otherz..dis is startink to sound like a tribute


excitemen coz il b livink in johor now..wic is wat iv owiz wanted to do..da city dat i love so much, n feel at home in. its quieter den kl..wic is sumtink iv owiz favor.

n oso excitement coz il b livink in my own haus. or room for dat matter.

n il b nearer to zori my fiance..feels weird to say it but nice :) its ol movink bit fast but as iv owiz hear in tv n ol...it ol has gotta start sumwher.shrugs..n i gez da time is now.

dats da only excitement i can tink of now. rite now my heart is kinda heavy to leave for jb.hurm

Jul 20, 2008

nUbHaN ~ AdA uNtuKMu

yeshza..lagu ini lagu tdow/rmantis/down gue tok da time beink
i dunno who is da pencipta of da song
but i knw its a newcomer
n its way much betta den sum dats oready in da industry for long

n iv owiz luv da shahjehan-mumtaz tale

listen up otey! carik sndrik tapi i duno how to postit in ere..ehe ;p

Jul 11, 2008


i biliv in da 'life's like a wheel' phrase
sumtimes ur up n sumtimes ur down
n usualy ppl wil relate dis to da luvlife rite?

i rmember my first crush..it was in standard 1 n hes sitink behind me in clas. but it was heart-breakin coz i was realy shy n hingusy n hes da class monitor. or in otha word, da most popular boy in clas..hehe.i was aimink high:p n i got my lil heart broken coz he liked da 'penolonk ketua class'..its ol boud da title otey..huhh..heh:p

den i rmember how eager i was to b a playgurl bck in skola mnengah. had my first luv ther n it was sweet..hes da 'giv u a choc bar evryday, write songs 4 u kinda guy'..xcept dat i encounterd da 'break-up syndrome'..heh. it was goink too well i felt it was borink. n to top it up..my galfwens are ol breakin up so i felt like its da 'it' tink to do..nuts wasnt it? i can only smile tinkin how wannabe i was den..hehe

but i was den celebratink da glory of beink DA heartbreaker:p

den i had my fair share of getink my heart broken..tho il neva admit it at da time:p ges its da case of it was bad enuff havink my heart split in 2..im not gona bruise my ego as wel..man-like tinkin my fwens say..heh

i rmember pretendink dat da breakup is nothink..but id cry in da toilet stall once a week..walowink in self-pity..wic is y i tink samsoon da korean drama character resembles me @ sum point:p

so iv got my heart broken in std 1
iv left a guy jez for fun of it
iv left a guy for another guy
iv got cheated on in a long-distnce rship
iv crushed on a guy in skool who luvs his gf dearly n got my heart broken
iv broke sum girl's heart coz da guy shes in luv wif luvs me
iv yelled at my ex to move on
iv begged at my bf to take me bck
iv felt dead in a relationship

wel u c da point is i felt iv gone thru evritink..but its not yet evritink, if u get wat i mean..its tru boud da life's a wheel sayink..n i biliv dat in evry kesusahan ther is light dat Allah wil giv to u in da end. n to evry hapiness ther wil be an endink as wel..pahit nak telan ayat yg ni:( coz currently im so very hepi

its jez colors we choose to paint our life wif
n if we pray hard enuff,
mebe we'l get vibrant colors all along ;)

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station