Nov 18, 2008


it is hard for me to accept dat most loved drink since birth i a supporter of those baby killers in israel..supports da war against palestinian ppl..huhh..mama wil make me a mug of Milo b4 i sleep til dis very day..Zori wil buy me a carton for me to drink in JB before i sleep as ganti Milo mama..

i hope my alternative..anlene kotak..isnt a seporter of killing startink to grow fond of it..;@

mY BurFDaY iS CominK NeaR!

my bufdey celebs in UTM r sum of da most memorable ones..
coz its da bufdeys i spent wif my fwens-JAYZ (puhlease we din pick dis name on honour of Jay-Z da singer, ok?) n oso Zori
i can rmember most of it..

15/12/2003 ~ i jez entered UTM.. Jayz got me into a rumble fiesta (i realy do mean in kejar dan seksa..gler tol:p) den only dey gv me pwesents..ehe :~:~: den a guy from my clas bought cake n threw a small makan2 for me n my fwens n invited our classmates..we ate mencangkung2 infront of KTDI's (my hostel) dewan..kinda sweet but i tink i forgot to say thanx :~:~: later Zori called n ask me to go oud wifhim..i dun want to..n was boud to sleep wen he called again sayink he is outside my block..ada dressed in pijamas n sweater..i went dwn wif Firal(Jayz) n he sang Hepi Bufdey holdink a cake on top of his motobike n told me to blow da candles..or one wuz sweet :)

15/12/2004 ~ Zori went to find a kereta sewa n got a Kancil n pack ol 6 of us inside n drove to Aliff..a mamak near UTM..we were like sardine in da car n uncomfy n Firal was screamink sebab die geli org dok atas kaki die..hehe..Zori already bought a cake wif candles for us Jayz..but for sum weird reason i threw da candles away..tahnape cant rmember y..psycho skit..n we celebrated:p

15/12/2005 ~ i rmember dis one clearly..hehe..Jayz rumbled me wif water baloons n tepunk n i ran like sum Kenyan gurl from my frens Kolej to my Kolej at da time..dey even planned wher i was gonna run n placed demself at checkpoints..askar btol hehe. we were yelink n runnink n laughink at da same time pastu kena sound ngan senior sebab bisink sgat..we WERE super-noisy..i got bruises ol over frm da water baloons..nyeh..

15/12/2006 ~ dis year i got da most loved..most precious..most prized present from album containink our pics thruout ol our years togetha as fwens n couple..complete wif sweet funny captions..i jez love it ;) n he gave it to me wen wer drivink up Bukit Tinggi to celeb..

15/12/2007 ~ yea dis is oso very special..i celebrated wif my skool fwens Yatie n Wena at uptown..n later Zori came down to KL n i celebrate again..n later i flew to UK to celeb it wif my femly pulak in 1st bufdey in oversea! ehe..n it was chilink cold..i rmember..but we can only afford a small M&S cake n sang loudly in our rented apartment..i cant imagine wat them UK neighbour were thinkin:p

15/12/2008 ~ i hope later i can write ere dat i got a piano for dis year..nyehe

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station