Nov 21, 2009

MuAL, PeninG dAn MunTaH

urgh..bau ubat gegat is a no-no
ape2 bau bwg dan menumis pon no-no gak
bau lipas? lagila urgh..n da smell is strongest at tingkt 7 city square
really, bau pupcon wyg tu ade mix ngn bau lipas skit2

ape2 yg fevret dlu skan nk pndg pon pk 2kali..apetah lg bau..
lemak cili api udang, butter prwn, rendang n.smbilan
nandos, kfc, fish n chip secret recipe
macademia white choc..
argh sume tammo dh skang
lunchtime je pinink nk makn pe..
kalo kate tamo mkn nanti kene bebel ngn ofismates
bek makan je walopun muke cm nk pg perang

but i ges feelink all dis is worth it bile nmpak da baby bump grow
makin lame makin uncit (cmpor ngn uncit yg sedia hade)
n wif knowin dat later, btambh lg sorg teman idop
xboring lg bile dear hubby gi kije
i cnt imagine wats gona hapen later..
i nevr had da experience taking care of babies
i wnder if i cn b a gud mom like my mama
who cn provide love, gr8 fud, warmth, feelink of security n stil b fun at da same time

Nov 10, 2009

KnaPe PeMpuAn SkE waT sALaH mCm Tu?

lately, listenink to my single frens stories makes me thankful dat iv oready met my mr.Right and got married. But it also got me thinking, one day if i have a daughter, how shud i guide n teach her to avoid da no-no guys so she doesn't gets hurt like my frens did? da datink games wil surely b more jungle-like durink her time, judgink frm wat my frens r complainink or cryink about now..

if i hv a son il tel him not to promise or give hope to any girls except for da one he wants to spend his life with

if i hv a daughter i gues il tel her not to biliv anytink a guy ever said, ever. n not to gv him her heart yet. not until he takes her to his mum n talks all da time boud marriage n asked to meet us, her parents. ok, dis is too much..i knw. sigh..

i got dis fren, who wakes her bf up evry single mornink, readialink n redialink to wake him up for clas. who in turn treats her like a sumtimes gf-sumtimes not. at times he acts sweet n caring towards her, and at times hes jez too busy to call n forget all bout her. they'v been wif each otha for years, n wen i asked her if he evr talked bout marriage, she said dey did but it was alwiz jez talk, n he wud joke boud it, "mayb in six years time..", "mayb kalo awk msk pinang sy..", "kalo ade jodoh ade."..all those kind of talk..

wenever she complained to me n my otha frens boud him, i made no point to hide da fact dat i dun like her guy. if he realy cared, he wud hv made it a point to at least listen to her wen shes upset, rite?

i mean, dis is one of da no-no guys..i wnder y sum gurls failed to see dis.


i hv a list in my head on how to spot a No-No:

#1. dey dun care much boud ur feeling

sumtimes bfs wud do things dat hurt u, be it words or actions. But i tink its easy on how to diffrentiate on whther he realy did care boud u or not. If he really cared he wud work n go out of his way to apologize n have u put da tink behind u, until ur really ok, no matter how long it took to comfort u. Da NO-NOs wil probably throw in a few words (lies) to comfort u, n afta his patience is up, he wud jez ask a bit on whether ur ok or not n jez end da call, wif alasan such as he's tired n othas.

#2. dey don't appreciate much

like my fren's stories above, she wakes him up evriday without fail, beink realy caring. but wen she calls to tel him boud her bad day, her call doesn't get picked up, and afta he did pick up, he cuts her short sayink thers anotha call comink in and he'l call back later, TWICE. wic takes us bck to #1, he din realy care boud her feelinks.

#3. dey use, "kalau ada jodoh, adelah."

dis is wat a NO-NO usually says if sudenly want to get serious n talk boud marriage. it means dey'r not sure yet on wat/who dey want. but dey'r not lettink u go jez yet coz if dey din hapen to find wat/who dey want, dey hv u to fall back on. cruel rite? so, pls eliminate da NO-NOs n make it a better world for evryone.

#4. dey don't really coo, boo n cuddle you like otha couples did

sumtimes dey did say syg, cyg, and acts all carink n gooey-eyed, but its only sumtimes. likes he does it only wen hes in da mud, or like he has an on-off switch for it.

#5. he didn't realy claim dat hes taken

dis is a bit hard to spot coz u wudn't knw wat he does behind u. but sumtimes u can spot if he eyes ur pretty gurlfrens, or if u sudenly looked into his phone n find smses dat r a bit flirtyish.

#6. he doesn't like u going thru his hp or wallet

but dis might b kinda hard to realy see coz dey can jez clear their inboxes n wallets.

i hv a lot more in my head but i cant remember dem now. dis is da result of da list dat iv made wif my gfs and sis (a bit;p)..


most of da gurls who r stuck wif these NO-NOs r usually too afraid to jez angkat kaki n leave da guy. probably coz they'r scared of making a mistake or wateva, but seriesly gurls shud hv more pride in themselves. dey need to tink of themselves as 'mahal', den guys won't step on them. of coz we shud b lembut n understanding as gurls, but i dun tink jez letting da bfs get their way all da time is lembut and understanding, its jez plain stupid.

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station