Oct 18, 2009

NicE moNdaY oWait..

dis is da worst day iv had afta da longest time..
wher cud my cat b? i hate dis..bukan senank nk jage die dr kecik n train her n make her feel like femly..org len senank2 je dtg n curik..shes my fren ol dis while im ere in jb far apart frm frens n femly..n wen dzuri goes to work. n she owiz come sit by my side wen im sad ovr sumtink

shes my marriage present :(
n she waits me at da gate evry single day wen i cm home frm work
i hope shes not stolen..
she cant lose her way..cats r too smart to do dat
i hate dis wonderink n waitink..

if shes stolen..den whoevr u are, mmg hati awk tu penuh ngn taik
curik la puas2..mmg pencurik org yg palink patot kene hukum skali dunie akherat
nyusahkn org je

Oct 9, 2009

MiSsinG HomE 'n' LiL BusY Bee

its early mornink saturday n i kinda wish im at my parents' house rite now..i knw dat im ol grown up, married even, but i stil gets homsik. i miss waking up to good bfast smells, n waking up to find dat evryone had woken up n had busied themselvs, gone to pasar, watchin tv or arguing heh

most of all i guess i jez mis my mama
n my daddy
n adik
i pray dat one day we'l ol get to work n liveclose to each otha
i pray dat ol dis travelink araun wil b temporary
i gues wen i first settled ere i cud go bck anytime i want
wenevr i feel down
but its not so easy wen ur not single anymore
thers a lot of otha things dat needs to b thot of
ur not da only one makin decisions


i oso know v well dat ol dis soppy emotions is bcoz of lil' busy bee inside
v tiny but oready racking a lot of mischief ;p
i nevr knew dat i cud get soo hungry n sad n happy at da same time
jez writink boud it made me happier now
i ges il jez focus on u now to get my homsik thots outta my mind

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station