Mar 28, 2008

mY heArt hAngS HeAvY

current mood : miserable but not too miserable

hows dat?
i dunno myself..iv owiz col dis phase of mine wher i feel as tho im sepoz to do sumtink important by i din n i cant remembr wat is it so i feel uneasy n unpeaceful as 'lost'. Dis phase i called it LOST. i dun getit often..mebe once a yr? heh..sumtimes it bugged me how ungrateful human can human i mean me..i mean iv evrytink n id want evrytink..but wen i oready hv n gotten evrytink dat i want il fel dat i dun wanit want sum otha tinks.burok kn pangai? im gross myself *roll eyes*


prob sum otha tink dat caused lost is lack of spiritual feed. i tink its startink 2 get cnfused at wat i want in life *malas pk~nnt sume otey la kn?*..jejagelah kalo timink camni bil tepon pasti nek n zori n mastot wil get calls evry few minits wif me sobbink n cmplainink..hish..cian mreka ;)


but den startink to fel dat my prinsip of 'malas pk kalo ta perlu' is wronk a bit. its ben my prinsip 4 as long as i can tink n it keeps me care-free n worry-free n hepi. its gud sumtimes so ur head wont get heavy but im startink to fel dat we are given brains to tink rite?


tink il jez stick to my prinsip

i tink da fud poisonink attackin me is startink to eat up my brain too..n my sleep


roger oud

p/s : eres sum pix of zori's kunvo..i din get any pic wifhim in robe coz of sum ovrsensitiv melodramatic momentz..i tink i ruined my bfs kunvokesyen day..tho we do luk hepi in da pics. met sum of my clasmates too at da time..

Mar 25, 2008

sCRoLL iN HanD..sYuKuR..

wat a packed weken..i went to jb to catch mortar in action durink his kunvo day..i pickd up his mak n makndak at alorgajah tol alonk da way..*smile*

~ da kunvokesyen ~
wel to sayit..on Sunday, 23rd March..zori a.k.a mortar a.k.a hubby saye *wink* got his scroll in chemical engine degree (bioproses : ta glamer.hiks) was his proud momentz n prob he dont wana biliv dis but its mine too. .da proudest iv had of him so far.heh :) we knew each otha way bck since 1st month we started in UTM in 2003 so i knw how its like durink his studytime..*soo nt series wif netink* except 4 his debat n far as i cn rmember..

so havink him hold up a scrol in da jubah gave me a lump in my throt n well up my eyes..funy lukin at him as a protector now n sum1 who takes care of me wen lastime i felt he was jez a pointles guy wif jez agendas to hvfun n live life max..oyop..tebalik tok poyo..yeck nk muntah..b memen je yang:p heh tatot plak ngene mawah kutoks abg lelebey..heee

~ da job ~
now hes workin in g.e as an enginer n i cant stop braggink boud his job to neone dat is wilink to hear..ehe.i knw how to start braggink..flash wateva item he bought..cth: jam tangan..den ppl wil ask :
~ "eh chanteknyee..mane beli?"
~ il answer "takla niy zori bagi.." sambil senyum2 kunon bange belek2 item tesebot
~ "ah? iyerke..beshnyee.."..usualy ppl wil continue,
"yelah smenjak da keje ni mesti bg hadiah ye tak.."
~ dis is my cue to brag.." tula tapi kije diye penat..kat g.e kan..bla bla bla bla smpai orank bosan pndank2 kiri kanan..

ni tgah brag la gak niy sbenanye jike prasan
well dis is a congrats entry 4 zori act
kungratz cyg
bebaloi jual ns lmak ngan beger sume kn yang?..hiw
love u

lots of smoochies

Mar 20, 2008

SysTem On! YipPee!!

now is almost 7.00pm
n im stil up wifoud sleep since 4.30am
my eyes are panda-like
my beauty sleep gone

im bit hepi n relievd dat my system is finally up :)
pray dat nothink goes wronk
i din get any calls up to now from my techicians..gez its goink on fine
~ amin ~

not only jez back frm hair room wif cikin
hair room is da name of a salon in pj ~ iklan
i got acha haircut(ta jadik) n cikin got curls
finally..we got freetime

hugs n kishes

Mar 19, 2008

i aM So So tiReD..


iv heard of da pepatah nt to mengeloh nnt lari rezeki..but its been crazily tirink. i hv to plan for my new system tie-in (ol dis terms i learnd wen i started workin - it means online - or if ur stil wonderink, il say it my way: system jalan ) on 20th mornink. Dats wen da big bosses want i hafta do it. Oh n i forgot to mention its DI water system..sumtink dat iv to take care of at work..iv to make it go online at 6.30am..yep u read it rite..6.30am coz dats wen da operators at plant go to breaks. So in order to get evrytink ready iv to wakeup at 4.30 n be at da plant by 5.30am..nutters..

btw im sepoz to post dis blog yesterday but was pressurd to go to sleep by sum1.

yg keletihan

Mar 17, 2008

hoW wE flirT?


1. He stares n hits you alot. (just play hitting )
2. He tries to make you laugh anyway even if he gets hurt in the process
3. His voice gets softer when ever you two talk.
4. You hung up on him. He called you back.
5. He called you to talk about nothing at all.
6. He imitates your laugh.
7. He remembers little things you mention in casual conversation
8. He uses every possible way to touch you (your hair, face, thighs, KNEES,ect.)


1.She calls you by your full name not just a nick name.
2. She hits you softly on the arm and laughs when you say something funny.
3. She flips her hair when she's talking to you.
4. She touches your arm when she talks to you.
5. She says, "No, I'm not telling you who I like!" with a big smile on her face.
6. She asks you who you like or who you would go out with seemingly interested.
7. She criticizes you on a girl you like.
8. She plays with your hair or tries to put make up on you.

~ ow men..i am #5 'n' #3 'n' #7 ( i hated sarimah ibrahim coz zori likes him..but i usualy couldnt find wat to criticize her coz act deep inside i like her too..*smirk*) munkin aku bley kate mulot diye becok sgat cam makcik2 kowt..bley la tohh..nyemmmm

milk 'n' creamies

Mar 16, 2008

LeLa's buFdey sepriSe writink dis blog kat tempat kije! how boudat? :p
my boss is on e-leave make bermaharajelela la kite..yippeee

jez wana recap on my sunday..sat dah wat : gi colmar..(love dat place) on sunday we seprise lela aka kaklonk of 6jayz for her bufdey!! da seprise menjadik i tink evn tho i arrive bit late..seprise da bwat da pon seb lela da tsmpai awl. i ran ol da way frm p2 to 3rd floor mid valley tau u guys to hurry up..dunplay2:p but den afta i came we sang bufdey anthem, tk pictures, cut cake n start pwezen giving..sweet moments :) kaklonk luk hepi n we r ol so hepi coz tink da lastime we sat ther ol 6 of us was durink kunvo kawen angah sozikon darlenk wasnt ther..i forgot how noisy n loud we were.patot dak laki skk asek bisink.dulik lew ye x? hihi

den afta bufdey celeb we tried cathink da muvi 'duyunk' but afta discussion2 we bought 10000bc instead. prob its bcoz of da timink..c its not bcoz i dun wanna sepot local muvi industry bt da timink was olwiz nt rite.ptank sgatla..dah penuhla (dunie br..kecewa me n ani..) we watchd 10000bc...bit gory n masculine-like but it was gud. my fav character in da muvi : spear tooth..back-off evryone! hiw..

den we cheerd skejap on lel (she got bolink tournament dat same time..dats y we seprise her @mid) we ol terngange on wat a pro shes now on bolink..cayala lelaa..bravo..dulu masok lungkang berpisah ta smpai setaun..hiw n we talk2 outside bolink place den i went i mis dem n utm n tmn n jb..our memoirs r mostly ther..missink da time wif a knot in da tummy *sigh*

p/s : pulank nk byar tiket parkir kusedar tiketku ilank make pegi kuar doit byar 50 denda tapi balik umah tjumpe tiket balik dalam beg..*loser momentz* :p

hugs n cookies

mY cOlmar tRopicale ouTink

yippee! anotha entry..heh
its been a realy bz wikend..i din evn hv time to clean my rum eheh. n i din spend dat much time wif my daddy either :( felt bad but i promis to make it up to him nextwek wen he came bck..pwomis:p

~ colmar tropicale aka bukit tinggi, pahank ~

hiw..dis weken zori came to kl..he was tired workin nite shift n burdened wif work pwob n yet my mortar came. hes realy my hero :) dah lari topic plak..hiw. well we decided to go picnic @ bukit tinggi atau name glamer bukit tinggi d pahank. or correction : it was my idea..*smug*..ehe.its my 2nd time ther n as i remembered its realy pretty evn tho not as cold..i went boud 3years ago..maen rabbit wif adik n nafa n mama n dady:)

entrance to colmar is 16ingit per person..for 16bucks u can visit da village, da japanese tea garden n oso da rabbit haus.3 in 1 otey heh..i tink its worth it. but da fud n drinks r not..4.50 for a mineral water (small k..) is bit pushink it. dhla kami on a tight budget..masalah kewangn tol. first we jez walk at da village n visit restrooms (tu je yg kami mampu) den afta takin pics lumpat2 cam urank jakun we went to wait for da tram to take us to japanese garden. now..da japanese garden is realy sumtink :) i had fun ther..its pretty n chilly n green n had nice2 colorful flowers..i wantd to steal da lavender dat they r growink but my conscience telme not to..ishk..tapi blik ase rugi plak..i couldve steal it n try to grow it inside da fridge..can o not? tink can..

most of da trip we spent at da garden je.afta we oso went to da rebit haus but i got itches at my skin afta pettink them n zori dragged me outta da rebit haus n into da car..bleps ;@ who cud resist touchink them..dey r so cute. thers evn da babies..cumey..;) but da small kiddies who visited kept chasink afta dem (dey r not pettink dey r pressink) n it pissed me a lil..tatotla haiwan2 tersebot..kanak2 memank kijam kdang2..

well..u tink dats boud it? noway..

jez wen i thot da fun is ovr..wen wer headink back goink downhil..thers a huge chopper (wel..not huge but iv nver realy seen helicopterz up close:p) at da H place..dunno wat its called. n i jez needed to hv a pic wif it. meshtila we stopped da car n zori asked da guard whether we can tk pix..sket pon tapela..n he said yes! hehe so click2 we went..only me..zori malu..da chopper belongs to vincent tan..berjaya owner. kaye tol..da interior design was ol gold k..mebe not real gold but stil da color is gold..vv da classy :)

well dats jez it for my trip. afta dat i followd zori went car huntink. pon besh gak wpon panash tahap ciken n wer act wifoud money..yehee..

hugs n kishies

p/s : sumore pics..hiw get jelesh get jelesh!!

Mar 14, 2008

kEteNangan ciKin

ini sbenarnyer motiv i mauk nulish blog tadi
untok menjelaskn ketenangn cikin swaktu kejadian nyonya tdiy
smentare i ngah menjerit dan membunyikan hon berkali2
cikin kelihatan amat tenank
sambil memandank ke kereta yg padahal tgah backin di kawasn diye
yoi sepi d blakan
i prasan kesepian mreka namun trlalu bz jerit dan hon
cikin tidak berkate ape2 smpai jejaka india toh datank tok menyelamatkn kami
dan ktenangn wajah diye saperti tiade kecemasn brlaku
yoi da bersuare
tapi cikin masey tenank..smpaila timink glak br diye bereaksi..menci i.hehehehe
lucu la u..
(ngan ko pasn tak aku try masokkn keta lam parkin ta mwat toh)
pdahal aku da tau ta mwat..panic nyer pasl
tindakn tanpe sedar
loser tol..hehe

cPr trAinink dAy ~ hAmpir keNa lanGGar dAy

well today has been besh n nuts at da sm time..

~ cpr ~
i went for cpr trainink wic is realy nice
da trainers r ol auntie2 n 1pakcik wic is vvv fwenly..dey evn gave me special personal trenink coz i went in late..baik shangat ;)

a pick frm da scene :
~"kak..da penat sy pam ni kak..kena bwat ke sume 5cycle?"(21..22..23..huhhhh..28...)
~"bwatla..nant x paham.."
~(keep on pumpink) "tapi sy talarat niy kak..(breathes loudly mcm jogink) konon2 da wat la sume 5kali ek kak?"

bley x? so i went to pump all 30 chest pumps 5times..30 x 5 = 150 pumps the time i finish my back was ol sweaty. but my patunk chest moves at da end wen i blow. hehe i like dat. n kakak trainer smiled widely. da trenink was realy2 dtail..i can do cpr now to any unconcious ppl on da street..prob for 1 month or so den i wil forget..rugi anta aku trenink. i hope i pass da test tho..

~ n2 tanker ~
my job is jez drivink me nuts. my n2 tank low level again..den i started getink calls frm ol i had to hurry back frm trenink n did sum calculation much for balik cpat

~ haircut ~
thot i wana balik cpat to go salon wif cikin. i ned a haircut. tapi gare2 opis i arrive late n ol salon close. benci. we went to uptown instead to grab a bite (oyster egg..yummie!) n ges on next item

~ nyonya nak langar keta ~
i was ondafon wif zori smbil drivink wit cikin n yoi..nk park kat uptown. n suddenly..jeng jeng.."eh maz..".."ape?" i luk left n see an old lady backin up her car in my da left side of my car. 'urm..hon la sket seb orank tue'..but she kept backin..i honked again..i thot she looked left but she kept on backing..'alamak nk reverse ke? tidakk gen2 br aku!'..i honked once..twice..(she's stil reversink) den i started yellink inside da car "oiiii..(honk2x)..oiii..ey..oi" honk honk honk..she kept backin da tingai 1 cm ase nak kena dis one indian guy came to our rescue. he slapped hard onda butt of her nyonye hand got clammy n my head got was real close. cyg rommie(name gen2 aku) kalo x da bebekas da pingank kiri diye kn..but i din do a thanx nod at da indian guy..real thanx if not for u..hishh i dun evn dare to tink..

so dat was my day
nuts wasnt it
im soo tired
jez waitink 4 zori to geton bus
den il sleep

Mar 13, 2008

aDele-chaSing pAvemenT

dis song has been playink in my head a lot lately
n da vclip is difren
i tried putink it up ere but im stil slow in ol dis it stuffz i tink *smug*

Mar 12, 2008


aku ase aku la yg palink paham windu tu mcmane
makne die yg palink sedalam2 pon aku paham
windu tu kalo gado n ckap nk break
tp ltak je tepon ase kosonk
ngn saket pwot
pastu arap orank tu tepon balik

tp orank tu tepon blik akat tepon start saket ati smule
seb akat tepon gak walopun da jnji takan akat..seumur idop kunon
pastu prasaan yank palink dbenci dtank
prasaan ase cam orank bodo
tapi disebab aku pempan lembik joge cengenk
lagi lebey windu dr marh
aku stay je di tepon

1ari aku jnji kat dri sndrik
aku akn ade gurl power
dimane aku akn jdik pempan kwat dan akn tukar number pas ckap nk break
mcm pempan2 kwat yg len
jnji pandu putri 3 jari

Mar 10, 2008

bOra aSmaRa

can't believe im writink again afta eatink..dis has gotta stop!
dunwory il stay obsessed at sumtink not 4 too long:p

bora asmara :

~ we spent cikin's bufdey ther..n it was soo pretty. its like a hawaiian setup or m'sians beach type restaurant..i likeit! ther's evn a band ther wif their gitars n gendank..cute :) n palm trees..n da milkshake was realy milky..i lurve ;~p

~ da place was soo ulu i thot i was oready lost..its beside n infront of sumones house to be exact

~ at da restrum its written wanita 'n' cute is dat? hehe

~ it was sooo much like one of my fevret place in jb : anjunk waresan. im missink jb so much. now tink i prob jez need to survey hard enuff to find ol da coool2 places to eat ere. iv alwiz thot dat ppl in kl r too mall-oriented

~ our table : jez a short table n we had to sit cross-legged 'n' da table was put inside a gazebo wif atap nipah. thers langsir n nice decor wif dim lamps..cant wait to show zori da place..i knw he'l loveit too..bora shud pay me for dis..ere's a pic but u cant realy c da place..

oH waT a Day..

7.32 - im lazink in frnt of my beloved laptop br pulank kije.
tummy lapa so nungu dinner sosej cheese. omputey bukan?

*sigh* penatnyee

well today my presentation dat iv been dreadink over da wekend is finally ovr. my boss came ovr few times to check my slides b4 i present..tink its bcoz of da silly2 wronk infos dat i put up in my slides at previous pesentation til ol my bosses start luking luking at each otha. prob in their head tinkin "men bantai je dahla br kije..pastoh senyum2 pasan kiut.gelik aku" hee (bos pempan jela..laki x) soryla kan bos2 niy..dey jez dont forget:p but nevamind its ovr n i tink it went out iv only to worry bout ts audit (ready nak tipu data!)

okeyh sosej time! inda oud
*blows kishes*

Mar 9, 2008

m'Sia's mEngunDi afTermaTh

serious topic ere a bit lads n gents..mengundi *sigh*

now afta ol da result is out, im startink to feel bit bad 4 not registerink to vote. so r my fwens..imuts : kite br je ckap takot kerajaan mesia brubah kat bora asmara kn cygs..nyeeeee.

tink is we ol thot dat kerajaan mesia da cokop kukuh suda. but i guess not. n in my honest opinion..tink da loss is more to ol da gov supporters beink too relax n overcnfident..i mean talkin bout me n my fwens..we din realy tink dat misink out 10 or 20 votes frm us wil make a diffrence.ther must be lotsa n lotsa otha ppl out ther who will be votink same as us neways.n my parentz din vote coz dey were lazy to drive " menank lah..dunwory..". well now it shows..while we were bz havink fun n beink too 'lalai'..those pembankangs did not.

its a lil bit like af isn't it? da person beink at da top will owiz fall down..coz the supporterz r oready relaxed *scrathes head*..otey before i sound racist pls stop dis..hiw:p

jez dat pls remind me to vote nxtimink voting day come..lg 4 tahun sy pon dah tue..arap2 ms toh da kawen ngan mortar :p (selingan)

xoxo n chupps

Mar 8, 2008

icE brEakinG For dA 10th tiMe

pekaboo ;)
iv finished decoratink my now its launchink time.hee

ere's da place wher im gonna rite ol my sayinks frm now on. heh .iv a frenster blog wic is newly done too wif few blogs init..but its not so decorable (is ther evn such word:p) so iv decided to open up a new 1 ere. cant biliv da time spent over my wekends to do up dis blog *shakes head*. dahla curik connection neighbor sebla..cheapo:p but it prevents me frm goink shopink n trashin my gaji so read on n hvfun otey? :)

hugs n cookies

Ain't dEy cuTe??

~ me ~

~ me ~
sumwher in sum gas station