Aug 20, 2010

I haVe a Son! :-)

cool x tajok toh?
bangun tido pon kdg2 stil x pecaye dat i hv a baby n i'm a mom..hehehe..but seriously, it is da coolest thing in da world..
nothing beats this feeling..
mcm complete and excited n worried n happy..
all rolled into one.

drpd org yg geli tgk yak baby, n org yg x rase newborns are cute,
tukar tros tu sumone yg akn stalker kt stiap stroller yg lalu,
n sengih2 tgk baby org..

tp of cos la, like every mom,
i still think my son is da cutest,
da most good-lookin one, and da most well behaved (walopun tak)

and my best part of da day is picking out clothes for him to wear,
choosink da mittens n booties yg match dgn baju die pkai harini.

and da second best part of da day is,
rushing bck home to see him afta a day at work,
itu yg smpai ade hampir ter tag-out pkul 530,
pdhal office hour abis pkul 6..hehe
malu dan stopid;p
nasib baik ade colleague yg panggil (thanx seb pgl kuat2 n bwat satu opis tau),
kalo x mmg dah selamat la caucincau pkul 530;p

all bcoz of u dear ahmad razeyn bin ahmad dzuhri,
playink in my head 247..
i love you my chubby lil boy ;)

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