May 11, 2010

CottON 'n' LineNs


heh i thot of shutting da blog down or privating it. tp xpayahla. heheh..bukannye ade pape yg secret2 pon. i tink la. i want to put up some of my mum's cotton and linens ere. she's selling these kains now. and she's evn learning how to manage her own blog. hehe. sape kate org tua xboleh handle computers? one thing boud my mama, she has owiz been fast. both in learning new stuffs and bertindak. i hope nanti bila dah tua il b like her. stil fast n on track;p

neway here are some of her collections up for sale,
i only select the ones i like to post up here,
for more, click below to go her site,

looksie looksie okie!

Pink and Yellow Petal Prints, Japanese Cotton

V315, 4 metres, RM 110, imported from Japan

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