Aug 20, 2010

ThE StoRy BehinD His nAmE

tajok kena bombastic,
dats a must.

i had always wanted to name my son, mikhail.
tapi biasela, name2 malaikat ni kan,
org akn persoal kate xbaik letak nama malaikat,
y? i'm not so sure.
I guessed to me, since it is da name of malaikat,
den it must be a good name, rite?

in fact, during my pregnancy,
dzuri n i got so used to calling da baby inside my bump, mikhail,
we wud say dat we have bought u a baju, mikhail,
mainan mikhail, tabung mikhail n so on.
dzuri was also not so keen on da name, sebab tpengaruh dgn kate2 org tue2,
but i tink he pitied me so he let me take da name,
lame2 die pon sama suke.

but wen my son was born,
we discovered dat he was a bit different from other babies,
he was born with radial club-hand,
which is a rare birth deformity,
only satu dlm sejuta birth, or sratus ribu kot, lupe..
dats wat da doctors said.

so, we decided dat we wanted to give him a name with good meaning,
as a good kick-start for his life, cehh.

lame jugak la selak buku name2 tu,
wif me in tears coz i felt frustrated dat i nd to give up da name mikhail, but at da same time also wanting da best for my baby,
I chose da name ukail, coz it didn't sound too far from mikhail,
n it stated in da book dat it meant akal, cerdik,
but dzuri's sister said dat in arabic dialect it meant kurang cerdik instead,
n my daddy said dat it sounded like nama org sabah.

Finally, near hysterics, with dzuri trying to calm me down by my side,
i came upon da name razin,
wic is a name dat i have always liked,
i remember telling dzuri i wanted dat name,
dlm nada ugutan coz i felt dat evryone wanted to condemn da names dat i chose,
haha kelakar plak kenang2 balik.

dzuri changed da spelling to razeyn,
and we added ahmad at da front to match his name.

razeyn meant yg berakhlak, yg bersopan-santun,
and i hoped with da highest hope,
dat razeyn will grow up,
and be as good as the meaning of his name :)

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